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Organised by The Rotary Club of Chichester Priory

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Our Race Start Party

This year we will have the Chair of Chichester District Council;

Cllr Elizabeth Hamilton

as our Race Starter. She will be assisted by;

Amanda Worne

who is an Ambassador for the ‘Together we Will’ campaign.

Our  rotary club President;

Mike Harvey

will also be in attendance,

Thanks to them for giving their time to help with our event!!

Below is a short article outlining Amanda’s recent history:

In August 2015 I suffered a nasty cycling accident whilst training for a Triathlon. I suffered 11 broken bones including 3 vertebrae.  I damaged my spinal cord and was told I'd never walk again.  

-This didn't dampen my spirits I just told all my friends I was pleased to be alive and as I had been a runner I would now race them all in my pink wheelchair.

- Since leaving hospital on 29th January 2016 a year ago now,  I have competed in several running races as well as many other sports including a skydive.

- I have embraced life having been given a second chance and I want to enjoy it as much as I can.

- Being a Cicestrian ,I wanted to take part in the Chichester 10k; I ran it a few years ago and thought it would be nice to just do it as a one off on  my handbike. This year is a new course so the organisers are going to see how it works and if indeed a handbike can complete the course safely.  

--As a result I will be involved in starting the race on the day!!

Life is about making the most of opportunities given and finding different ways of being involved and included so you can fulfill your dreams and goals.

Never be afraid of asking for help in fulfilling your dreams.

You can find out more by following the link   http://www.wheelpower.org.uk/WPower/index.cfm/news/amandas-journey-brings-together-we-will-campaign-to-a-finale/