Access Arrangements for 2018

The Event Management Team for the 2018 Goodwood 10K wish to ensure there is no repeat of the car parking and traffic congestion which we faced in February 2017. During the last few months we have undertaken extensive planning work including detailed consultations with a new Traffic Management Company, senior staff from Goodwood and WSCC Highways Engineers to ensure:-

We improve the flow of traffic into the Goodwood Motor Circuit before the race by stream lining the flow of traffic and having opportunities to reroute traffic in the event of a traffic build up.
Ensure safe and smooth access and exit to the site and the parking areas.
Ensure the parking available balances with the expected volume of cars.

We also reviewed and modified our plan following discussions with some of last year’s runners.

The net result of this work is:-
1    To utilise 3 entrances to the Motor Circuit before the race, these being the main entrance (entrance 1) , the ‘exit’ side of the main entrance (entrance 2) and Gate 11 (entrance 3)  along New Road.
2    To ensure we have sufficient parking we have reduced the entry numbers for the race from 2000 to 1800,
3    We have also secured the use of some offsite parking which we will use for race helpers and officials. This too will reduce the number of vehicles to be accommodated inside the motor Circuit.
4    Additionally we have brought the start time of the race forward by 30 minutes to 9.30am so the amount of ‘local traffic’ using the access roads in the environs of Goodwood will be less.

 To assist us with the traffic flow and parking, we ask all participants to be inside Goodwood by 9 a.m. (30 minutes before the race starts).
Emergency access and exit will of course be available at all times under control of our marshals and the Traffic Management Company.

With these actions and everyone’s help we are confident that there will be no repeat of last year’s access difficulties.

 The map below shows the 3 entrances and further arrival information will be provided in the Race Instructions package to be mailed to all entrants 2 weeks before the race.

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